The Elevate programs is aimed for Saudi recent graduates with a max of 2 years of experience. If you have more than 2 years of experience and would like to apply to a position at KAUST, please visit careers.kaust.edu.sa to view suitable openings.

As soon as applications open!

·     The application will open on April 21, 2024.

Unfortunately, your application will not be considered. But you can always reapply the following year.

Yes, you will receive notifications during each stage of the recruitment process.

We receive large number of applicants and we will normally get back to you within 2 weeks after the application close date; however, it may take longer depending on number of applicants. For more details, please check the recruitment stages listed on the website.

You will need to submit a provisional degree or a letter of degree completion from your university along with your transcripts.

Applicants should apply only to the streams that are relevant to their degree major.

The training program  duration is 12 months.

– Elevate Education Track will start on August 4, 2024. 

– All other Elevate Tracks will start on September 1st, 2024.

·     For Elevate education track, between 10 to 15 trainees will be selected.

·     For other Elevate tracks between 20 to 30 trainees will be selected.

As mentioned in the benefits section, you will receive a highly competitive monthly stipend which will be revealed once you get accepted.

Yes, simply reach out to your designated point of contact and send your withdrawal email to apply.elevate@kaust.edu.sa

You won’t need to. Once you apply, you will receive notifications during each stage of the recruitment process.

You are expected to participate fully in the program; however, should you wish to resign, you are required to provide 7 days written prior notice and fulfill your financial obligations to the university as a consequence of leaving the program.

No, it is not. Although it is recommended that you live on campus to gain the full experience.

There should be no expectation of employment at the end of the program. However, trainees may be eligible to apply for certain positions at KAUST after the program ends. And remember that training at KAUST is a valuable asset in any CV and can serve as the foundation for your future career.

The size of the photo can be up to 10 MB on a PNG format. 

All documents can be a maximum size of 10MB preferably PDF format but DOC is also accepted.

IELTS score max size is 1 MB also PDF or DOC format. 

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