The KAUST Coral Restoration Initiative is a large-scale coral reef restoration program in the Red Sea in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), begun in 2021 and funded by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), a world- class graduate research university in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea north of Jeddah, in partnership with NEOM, a region in northwest Saudi Arabia that is being sustainably developed from the ground up with the world’s most advanced technologies to redefine how people live, work, and play.

The combined strengths of KAUST and NEOM provide the research infrastructure, specialized tools and tactical support needed to advance the project to scale.

Application Will Open on April 21, 2024
Employing KAUST’s own developed technologies along with other existing coral restoration technologies and supporting the development of additional novel approaches to conserve, enhance and restore 100-Ha reefscape near Shushah Island.
Monitoring, Visualization and Data Management
Monitoring, Visualization and Data Management team is responsible for monitoring all factors of the coral reef ecosystem that could influence the success and failure of restoration and conservation, which is one of the most important elements of a conservation, restoration, and enhancement project.
Land - based Nursery
– Primary Nursery: Designing and building the world’s largest Coral Nursery at Haddah Beach on the mainland of NEOM to propagate and grow corals to be out planted at the Shushah Island Coral Reefscape.
– Development Nursery: Develop a pilot Nursery which will be used to test and trial various technologies and techniques that fast-track the growing of corals and streamline the operations of the primary nursery when opened.
Research Center
A Global Research Center is being established for leading universities and research institutions from around the world to be directly adjacent to one of the world’s most unique coral reef restoration sites in Shushah Island.

Initiative major elements


Coral Restoration Stream Vision

Coral Restoration Stream

This stream is designed for those interested in coral reef conservation. The training will take place in NEOM and KAUST.

Degree: BA or MA in  Biology | Marine Biology | Microbiology | Zoology | Ecology | Biodiversity 

GPA: 3.4/4 – 4.25/5

If you are interested in supporting both the Kingdom and NEOM in protecting the Red Sea Marine environments, and playing a meaningful and impactful role in achieving sustainability goals of vision 2030, this stream is for you

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